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MPEA Board of Directors

The Metropolitan Pier and Exposition Authority's Board is comprised of 9 members. Four members are appointed by the Governor of Illinois and four members are appointed by the Mayor of Chicago. The Chairman is selected by the MPEA Board. These individuals lead MPEA in its mission to attract trade shows, conventions and public events to Chicago, in an ongoing effort to strengthen the state and city economies. Current Board members include:

  Brett Hart
United Airlines
Robert G. Reiter, Jr.
Chicago Federation of Labor
  Julie Chavez
Bank of America
Terrance McGann
Whitfield, McGann & Ketterman
  Juan A. Ochoa
Miramar International Group
Ronald E. Powell
Local 881 & United Food and
Commercial Workers International Union
  Dan Hynes
UBS Global Asset Management
(Americas) Inc.
David Kahnweiler
Colliers International
  Roger J. Kiley, Jr.
Roger J. Kiley Jr. P.C.

McCormick Square - MPEA Metropolitan Pier and
Exposition Authority

Corporate Center
301 East Cermak Road
Chicago, IL 60616
Phone: 312-791-7500