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McCormick Place and Navy Pier have diverse and fascinating histories

Lakeside Center The McCormick Place of today is the economic engine that powers the entire convention and tradeshow industry. Featuring 2.6 million square feet of exhibition space, McCormick Place is the largest and one of the most successful convention center in the nation.

Navy Pier got its start as a shipping and recreational facility and has evolved into a must-see family destination offering shopping, restaurants and entertainment attractions. By providing state-of-the-art meeting space perfectly suited for small-to-medium trade shows, Navy Pier's amenities also complement the services provided by the McCormick Place. All of these elements combine to make Navy Pier the number one tourist attraction in Illinois.

Navy Pier Ballroom The following timelines illustrate the challenges, changes and choices faced by McCormick Place and Navy Pier as they developed into the highly acclaimed and recognizable landmarks that they are today.

Click here for information regarding Colonel Robert R. McCormick, McCormick Place and Navy Pier.

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